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Custom Color Inks & Coatings produces water-based Flexographic Inks for commercial printing. Flexographic ink is typically used in the printing of packing materials (cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, paper bags and plastic bags, food packaging, labels, newspapers, catalogues, etc.). The water-based flexographic ink printing method continues to grow in popularity due to its low cost and environmentally friendly nature.  

Flexographic inks are inks transferred by the process of flexography, which is a printing process that uses a flexible relief plate. The most important part of the flexographic printing process is the application of the ink. This is why it is important to use quality flexographic ink.  As a manufacturer and supplier of high quality water based flexographic inks, we maintain the ability to produce and deliver high quality flexographic inks that are custom blended and packaged to meet our clients needs. Our lab technicians and support staff posses in-depth the knowledge and experience relative to the various flexographic ink printing applications. This allows us to tweak our ink formulas to achieve the best flexographic inks available in the printing industry.

Custom Color Inks & Coatings also offers additional services such as: on site support, custom color matching and print consultation. 

If you own and/or operate a printing press which utilizes water based flexographic inks, then contact us today to learn more!