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Custom Color Ink & Coating produces water-based inks and functional coatings for industrial use and/or for products and packaging. These coating materials are heat and chemical resistant and can be used under high temperatures. Often the primary purpose of functional coatings was to protect the inks and substrate. However, more recently, the industry has implemented additional novel features, adding various decorative properties beyond achieving the additional protection and heat resistant properties. These may include tactile feel, such as soft-feel, paper feel, grip or sandpaper feel coatings. They may also include features such as in the case of food packaging; grease resistance, water and ice resistance, MVTR, wax replacement, and specific chemical resistance such as alcohol and household cleaners and even flame retardant coatings for construction materials.

Due to the added decorative abilities available using functional coatings, these water based coatings have found uses beyond their initial intent of serving products and packaging with demanding temperature needs to applications such as industrial packaging and industrial product labels. The realization of these added decorative abilities of functional coatings, has driven growth and demand for usage in a broader marketing and printing industry. 

As a manufacturer and supplier of functional coatings, we can modify our functional coating formulations to meet criteria as dictated by your end-use product or packaging need. When applied to your industrial products and/or your product packaging, you can be assured that our functional coatings will result in brilliant and lasting performance and endurance.

If you own and/or operate a manufacturing plant and/or commercial printing company that utilizes functional coatings, then contact us today to learn more about how Custom Color Ink and Coating  can become your source for functional coatings!