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Think of Custom Color pre-print inks and water-based coatings for protection of your ink.  Marketers and merchandisers spend a good amount of time developing their products, packaging and sales campaigns. Therefore, it is important to protect their graphics and information, which they utilize to convey sales and marketing related data on their product's packaging; often using brilliant colors and high resolution graphics.  Consumers see this type of printing used on just about every type of consumer goods, including  food, drink, home goods and retail merchandise just to name a few.

Custom Color Ink & Coating produces water based pre-print ink and coatings for the wide web, commercial printing market. This type of water based ink formula is appropriate for the pre-printing of corrugated liner prior to passing through the corrugation process. Our water based pre-print inks consist of high quality pigment dispersions combined with high performance functional resins designed to impart excellent color strength and performance properties such as heat resistance, mar and scratch resistance, and grease and water resistance, just to name a few.

As a dedicated manufacturer of water based pre-print inks and water based coatings, we maintain the ability to produce and deliver high quality pre-print materials that are custom formulated, blended and packaged to meet our clients needs. Custom Color Ink & Coating also offers additional pre-print ink services such as: custom color matching, commercial printing consultation and on-site management. 

If you own and/or operate a printing press which utilizes water based pre-print inks and water based functional coatings then contact us today to learn more!