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Custom Color Ink & Coating manufactures and produces inks and coatings for use in the rod coating print process. The rod coating print process goes back almost a century. However, in the past few decades, due to available high quality materials, a very predictable print process, and accurate coating application, all accomplished at an economical cost, this application process is making a comeback.

The rod coating process dates back to the early 1880's. However, it was in 1912 when Charles Mayer patented and manufactured his rod coater that drove the popularity of the rod coating process at the time. In short, the process consists of a series of stainless steel rods that are coiled with stainless steel wires. One rod is used to discharge coating materials in order to control the coating weight.

The rod coating process allows wet film thickness adjustments by the thickness of the wire that winds the roll along with the application pressure. The dry thickness is determined by the solids content of the ink or coating being applied and by the running speed, viscosity, etc. As a manufacturer of high quality water based rod coating materials, we maintain the ability to produce and deliver high performance inks and coatings that are custom formulated, manufactured and packaged to meet our clients needs.

Custom Color can tailor-make an ink and coating combination for your rod coating application with specific color and functional end-use properties in mind, whether it be a pigmented ink or overprint varnish.  Beyond producing and delivering rod coating inks and coatings, Custom Color Ink & Coating also offers additional services such as: on site support, custom color matching and print and machinery consultation. 

If you currently utilize or plan to implement a rod coating print process which utilizes rod coating materials, then contact us today to learn more!