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Custom Color Ink & Coating produces water based inks and coatings for use on films, foils and laminates. We manufacture high quality water based inks for commercial printers. Our water based inks are perfect for products and packaging with demanding applications in markets such as industrial packaging and flexible product labels.  Included in our portfolio are water based inks for aluminum foils, polypropylene and polyester films, and most recently for thermal transfer applications on LDPE and HDPE plastic bottles and buckets.

Our film and foil inks and coatings can be formulated to meet any criteria specific to your products usage. Custom Color Ink and Coating can meet the most strict standards while still producing quality film and foil inks that will pop with amazing colors. We realize that our clients products and packaging must appear attractive and convey quality. When applied to your product and/or your products packaging, you can trust that our film and foil inks will result in brilliant and lasting colors along with excellent adhesion and durability, If you own and/or operate a commercial printing company that utilizes film and foil inks and coatings, then contact us today to learn more about how Custom Color Ink and Coating can help you!