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Custom Color Ink and Coatings is your source for water based gravure inks.  Gravure inks are typically used for packaging and product gravure. As a manufacturer of water based rotogravure inks, we maintain the ability to produce and deliver high quality rotogravure inks, while also offering additional services such as: on site support, custom color matching and print consultation.

Our lab technicians and and support staff posses in-depth the knowledge and experience relative to the various printing applications used for various end products. This allows us to tweak our ink formulas to achieve the best rotogravure inks available in the printing industry. Gravure inks are fluid inks with a very low viscosity.  This allows the ink to be drawn into the engraved cells of the cylinder which are then transferred onto the substrate. Water based gravure ink require higher temperatures and longer drier exposure times in order to drive off the water and lower vapor pressure constituents. 

Rotogravure (also known as gravure for short) is a type of intaglio printing process done from ink that is applied by the engraved cylinder. This involves engraving the image onto onto a cylinder. Similar to offset printing and flexography, rotogravure printing uses a rotary print press. Rotogravure was often used to print newspaper photo features and still today, the rotogravure process is used for commercial printing of magazines, postcards, and corrugated (cardboard) and other product packaging.

If you own and/or operate a printing press which utilizes water based gravure inks, then contact us today to learn more!