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Pre-Print Ink Products

Custom Color Ink & Coating produces water-based pre-print inks for wide-web commercial printing. We provide pre-print inks, custom water based dispersions and functional coatings for commercial printers that use water based pre-print inks in their corrugated printing process.

Our pre-print inks and top coat formulations are perfect for application to corrugated liners prior to the corrugation process. These water based products are designed to resist high heat, steam and scuffing from belts, rollers and conveyors during the corrugation process. Even during the printing and assembly of your packaging materials, your printed material will incur constructive/destructive steps such asdie-cutting, folding, glueing and forming to create your product's final shape (most often boxes). Beyond the production of your product's packaging, our coatings will help protect your product (and printed inks) as they navigate through warehouses, trucks, stock rooms, and all the way to the retail shelf. Protect the fidelity of your printed products by utilizing one or more of our custom pre-print ink solutions.

As a manufacturer of high quality water based pre-print inks and water based coatings, we maintain the ability to produce and deliver high quality products that are custom formulated, blended and packaged to meet our clients needs. Custom Color Ink & Coating also offers additional pre-print ink services such as: custom color matching, commercial printing consultation and on-site management. 

If you own and/or operate a commercial printing company that utilizes water based pre-print inks and water based coatings, then contact us today to learn more about how Custom Color Ink and Coating can help you!